Obligation Of The Athletes And Teams
  1. All nominees are obliged to attend all functions of the Samsung 2016 Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards.
  2. All nominees are also obliged to assist the Organizer in associated publicity activities
  3. In order to be eligible for any of the award categories in the Awards, when nominating the athletes / teams, national sports associations should ensure that the nominees will be available to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony cum SF&OC Annual Dinner on 21 March 2017 besides being present to accept the award/s if they are one of the winners. Exemption would only be granted in the following grounds:-
    1. Who would be representing Hong Kong to participate in a multi-sports Games, World Championships or Asian Championships of its own sport and might be unable to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony. If this is the case, national sports associations must inform the Federation in writing the possible absence of its nominees and the reason when the nomination is submitted.
    2. Absence of athletes due to sickness or accident and has to be hospitalized could also be exempted with medical certificate submitted to the Federation by the doctor of the said hospital.
    3. Other reasons to be approved and subject to the discretion of the Management Panel consisting the President, Hon. Secretary General of SF&OC and Chairperson of HKSSA Organizing Committee and the decision thereof shall be final and conclusive.
  4. If the athlete/s or team/s violated any of the above obligations, their award eligibility will be forfeited.
  5. The Title Sponsor, Samsung Electronics H.K. Company, Limited reserves the right to approach the winner of the Samsung Best of the Best Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards on the endorsement of its brand/or products during the year of 2017, until the commencement of the next awards, subject to mutual agreement between the national sports association and Samsung.